Jim Schreck

Sales Consultant

Jim Schreck has been with the Northtown Automotive Companies for 12 years, and selling vehicles for 22 years. When not selling cars and trucks, Jim enjoys golf and riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle!

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Northtown Automotive - Reviews
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by Denise Williams on Northtown Automotive - Reviews
5 cars and counting

I met Jim years ago when thinking about buying my first jeep. My credit score wasn't terrific, but Jim and Northtown Jeep were able to work with me to buy a used Jeep Liberty. Once it was time to trade in the Liberty for something that had better gas mileage, Jim was able to connect me with another dependable used vehicle - a Jeep Patriot. Once it was time to trade in the Patriot, I was ready for something brand new. Jim and I talked about a lease and I could not be more thrilled with my Cherokee! During my three vehicles, both of my daughters needed dependable vehicles and each had their own full-time jobs. Jim found dependable used vehicles on the lot, and was terrific at showing my daughters how a professional salesperson runs his business. I was prepared to co-sign their loans if needed. My daughters and I were very happy when we all learned I did not need to do so. And, my daughters are thrilled they each have dependable vehicles that they love, and on their own. Looking forward to coming back in a few years when my lease is up.

Thank you Denise for taking the time to give us this great feedback on Jim. We really appreciate your continued business!

by Steve Strauss on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

I just wanted to say this time around that I am very happy that I went back to Northtown and purchased my fifth vehicle from Jim Shreck, Jim is a stand up guy that does his best to please the customer! I've known Jim for a long time and i consider him to be more than just my salesman - he is also a friend! if he's still selling vehicles when I'm ready to buy again, i will make sure to go to him for my sixth time! Also, i just want to say that Russ [Sales Mgr.] was a good guy to deal with - very fair and i can see why he was chosen as the Sales Manager for Northtown - Thanks for your help Russ! And again, thanks to Jim and Northtown as well! I hear that West Herr is the biggest in the area, but i don't believe that being the biggest means that they are the best - I think you guys deserve that title! Thanks again! and keep up the good work!!

Thanks for this nice review. We're glad that Jim and Russ made your experience such a positive one. We appreciate your continued business!

by Steve Strauss on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Hey Jim - There is a car I'm interested in - you know my story and I consider you a friend - the fact that I bought [4] vehicles from you i think proves that, but with that being said I'm close to buying a vehicle from either West Herr or Car Max which would end the streak - you know the history of my Nitro - I spent $30K on that vehicle back in Dec. '07 - It basically died on me this past Jan. '019 - or i should say it now has an "intermittent" electrical problem that causes the car to stall out constantly! Your Service Team i'm sure gave it their best effort to locate the source of the problem but without a code they couldn't find the source, so they put in new plugs and a coil in hopes that the car would have some more life left in it - it ran for a couple of months and developed the stalling problem all over again!
I spent over $600.00 for the car to run for a couple of months! now it just sits in the driveway - I won't drive it anymore. It's been a nightmare - you guys had the car for pretty much all of February - I had to find people to take me to work for a month! - prior to you guys having the car my mechanic had the car for half of January and all he ended up doing was take out my remote starter which may of had some corroded wires - he charged me $100.00 - his hourly rate - In October, not realizing the car was going to have a stalling issue, I had new brakes, muffler & tail pipe and sanding out the pitted rim of my allow rim, because the tire was always leaking air - that cost was close to a GRAND and if i knew the final outcome of the car was me not being able to drive it anymore i never would have put almost [2] GRAND into fixing it! Now i have to buy something because i need my own transportation - it frustrates me because i sit next to a guy at work who had a Camry that got 250K mi. on it before it died! the other guy i sit next to just traded in his Chevy Truck that had a 150K mi. on it! my neighbor just traded in his car - a Toyota that had 180K mi. on it! i can't even get 63K mi. on mine! But despite all this anger i still would like to give Jim my biz - I saw a '017 Jeep Patriot with less than 12K mi. on it going for $18,707 - if you can knock off a grand and give me at least $3 - $3,500 trade on my Nitro - plus it wouldn't hurt to throw in a remote starter i would be willing to come down and make a deal with you - keep the relationship going - if you can't then i'll unfortunately have to go elsewhere - Car max had some real good deals that i most likely would go with. Please contact me and let me know what you want to do. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to send in this review. Good or bad, we take our customers' feedback very seriously. We're happy to hear you're coming in next week and giving us the opportunity to make things right. We look forward to selling you a new vehicle!

by Mike Zimmer on Northtown Automotive - Reviews
I buy all my vehicles from Jim Schreck and you should too!

I've been buying cars from Jim at Northtown since 2005 and have bought five vehicles in total so far, 3 brand new and 2 used over the last 12 years. Jim always does an outstanding job of explaining the features of each vehicle we look at, is patient with us while we consider our options, and gets me the best price possible once we decide what we want. Does a nice job with follow-up as well. Couldn't be happier!

This is wonderful to hear! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued business!

by PMack on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Jim, thanks for making my purchase successful and meeting my needs. The compass rides nicely and has many features on it. Thanks for your great customer service and your expertise! Thanks again, Jim.

Thank you!

by Robert Sikorski on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Would never lease another Jeep due to 4 recalls & very suspect inspection at end of lease. Maybe a Challenger but also like the MKZ. You were okay to talk too.

Robert, we will be looking into this on your behalf. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that we may be able to find a vehicle that will be of interest to you in the future.

by Thomas Robbins on Northtown Automotive - Reviews
Great Salesman

I brought my last three Jeeps from Jim. I have dealt with a lot of salesmen over the years and I consider him the best. My lease will be up next Spring and I look forward to leasing my next Jeep from him.

Thank you for sharing! Let us know how we can help 🙂

by David Shutt on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Jim did an excellent job explaining the finance deal

and the features on the vehicle A Fiat 500 Arbath.

I have recommended him to three friends and passerbys

after getting complimented on my new car.

I cannot thank Jim enough.

Thank you for your business, David!

by Edward A. Smosna on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Jim Schreck a great guy!!!! bought my last 3 jeeps from him. Could not quite make a deal this time maybe in a few months. Would not go anywhere else.

Thank you for your kind words, Edward!

by Scott Wilson on Northtown Automotive - Reviews

Jim was terrific, he was able to get me in the car I wanted at the price I could handle. will work with him again when my lease is up.

Welcome to the northtown family, Scott!

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