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Northtown Automotive - Reviews
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 by Joanne Polak
2021 Jeep Cherokee lease

Who knew leasing can be so easy at Northtown. Padon Preziotte made my experience hassle free, Informative & Excellent quality service! Not only did Padon go out of his way to give me the best deal possible, he is very accommodating and friendly. I will definitely continue to be a regular customer!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this nice review. We're glad Paden made leasing a car easy...that's how it should be! We hope you enjoy your new vehicle.

 by Elisha Sullivan
Fraud Alert! Don’t buy Mopar protection plans!

Mopar Vehicle Protection warning! We purchased multiple oil changes (maintenance protection plan) for our Dodge Ram while in Buffalo New York. We were told it was good anywhere in the US. However today we showed up for our oil change in San Antonio and was told we would be charged an additional fee as that was just an allowance we paid. The first call I made was to the dealer from Buffalo who said yes I purchased free oil changes and that’s why you have received one free but you need to call Chrysler to get help. I call Chrysler where I was told you need to call Mopar they can fix it, which has forwarded me twice, so my 5th person) Now the 5th person is referring me back to the original dealer who could’t help me! It’s one big circle of fraud!!! NEVER buy the oil change protection or any plans!!!! They send you to several people with no one honoring what was sold and now we have to pay for something we already paid for!!!! You end up double paying!!!!! I have filed a complaint that will go no where so I am posting this only to save another consumer!

We'd like to discuss this with you and be given a chance to turn your experience into a positive one. Please send your contact information to so that a member of our management team can contact you.

 by Melissa

I came here to have my truck worked on, my ac/Heater was not working right, this job was not covered under my warranty so I had to pay out of pocket, I was quoted one price and when I got there it was $300 more. My problem still isn’t fixed and I’m out $700. On top of all that they had my truck for 2 days and they do not give out loaner cars. This is not the first time I had to take my truck in twice for the same problem. I’ve given them a second chance and now I see why I stopped going there in the first place.

HI Melissa, We apologize for this inconvenience and will be looking into this right away.

 by John Meczynski
Outstanding Dealership led by an outstanding GM

My experience with this dealership is a very positive one. Led by a man with many years of automotive experience, General Manager Joe Erbacher will do what he can to ensure his customers will be happy ones. Some situations that come up, most especially in today's electronic world can be very time consuming. This dealership will do their best to fix whatever the issue might be. There can always be a "bump in the road" with any relationship. How one communicates to correct any issue is very important. This applies to any business as well as your home life. Given the chance. They will do their best.

Along with Joe and fine people that I've had the pleasure to have communication with, this dealership is second to none. My first experience there was when I ordered/purchased my 2010 Dodge Charger. The salesman I happened to meet was Jim "Schreck". Jim was not a pushy salesman and still isn't! If you're looking for a vehicle from this dealership I highly recommend him as your salesperson.

The man currently in the position of General Sales Manager (I believe) was the finance person back in 2010. His name is Michael Ando and he will work with you for your best deal. I purchased a 2016 Grand Cherokee August 1, 2016 and have no complaints. Thanks again Mike!

The current service manager is Jessica Grosskopf. She is very pleasant and will address any concerns you have should you have any.

The first service rep that I believe I met there in 2010 was Dick Tracy. Yes, I said "Dick Tracy". He's still there and does a fine job.

Any team is only as good as the leader of the team and the team members that make it all happen. I recommend this "team" to everyone to the #Nth degree! To those that I mentioned and to someone that I may have missed. Everyone gets a 10+ rating from me!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Thank you for sharing this with us and thank you for your business!

 by Anna Povetska
Best Experience

First I want to compliment and thank Rex for the experience I had at Northtown.
Allow me to explain. I have heard Nothing but Nightmare stories about car dealerships, my ENTIRE life. I am 37 and have avoided Dealerships AT ALL COST. Never stepped into one. Always bought used. I expected a scam but was prepared to walk out if that were to happen. I expected a gimmick, which is actually what Paddock ended up trying to do, after I called them over the phone, following up on an ad for an $89/mth lease, that doubled if you didn't already have a lease with them. So i figured... if i end up paying a little bit more for a lease, but knew my top price, that i can afford, why dont i check a jeep dealership since I've loved them forever. I called and a great gentleman on the phone told me about the sale going on, so I came in. I appreciated most that I never felt a "gotcha" moment the whole entire time. I don't want to ever feel, like I'm buying an item at a store that was labeled $5 at a store, and get to the counter to find out its "how much you got?" and have to negotiate. Thank god. I have raved about my experience to EVERYONE and have been telling them howww much i love my jeep and they should go to Northtown on NF Blvd and how great they were. My neighbors, family and friends also all love my new 2017 White Jeep Compass as well. Thank you for sticking to your word Northtown. You've won me over and I'm telling everyone. lol. I tell people, "I know i sound like a commercial for them, but it's true!" - hah. And thank you again to Rex for my Great First Time Experience. If the service areas the same way, I'll come back again and again - hahh!

Hi Anna,Wow! Thank you for the outstanding endorsement! We are so happy you decided to give Northtown a try and that we were able to disprove all the negative experiences you'd heard about car dealerships. We certainly strive to be different, and I'm pleased we succeeded. Enjoy your Jeep - they are fantastic cars!