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 by E. Orton
Customer Service is the name of the game.

Good Morning.
I have been a long time VW owner and customer. I have my vehicles purchased from your location and have all my services done there as well. Recently, I brought my vehicle in for a recall notice and upon discussion with the service rep, it was advised that it would not be a quick turnaround and recommended I get a shuttle home. I did not end up taking the shuttle home (reasons really aren't relevant) and ended up in your customer lounge for a few hours. (again, not a big deal as I was working remotely) So, you ask, what is the reason for my email? The reason for my email is to acknowledge your sales rep Christopher G. Chris, who was leaving after his schedule appeared to end, stopped in the lounge and approached me. He advised that he had noticed I had been there for a while (and was actually the last one there) and started asking basic questions... what is your vehicle in for, what did you bring it in and when I answered that it had been 3 hours, he immediately said "let me check on your vehicle for you". Within minutes he returned, with the service rep and the keys to my car. Service was busy yesterday, the wait was not a big issue for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by this interaction with Christopher, solely for the reason you could tell he was trying to head out and head home as well. I work in an industry where customer service is key and I have to say, if I wasn't already a long time customer before yesterday, I would be now. Chris didn't have to stop, didn't have to check on the status, and didn't have to help, but he did.... and that means a lot.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this excellent feedback. We appreciate you letting us know about your recent experience with Chris while in for service. We value your business and hope you have a great weekend!

 by Michael D
Earl White - Listens, Looks, and Follows through!

I was in an accident, unfortunately, that totaled my previous vehicle (a 2018 VW Tiguan). After such an experience, I felt that I had been served well by my VW and but wasn’t sure that I would feel safe and comfortable.
I came to Northtown in search of another safe and reliable vehicle; I needed it relatively quick and wanted to have a model similar to what I had been driving at a similar cost.
Earl White was able to search out the perfect 2020 Tiguan, with
matching features to my previous model that I had looked for; plus bonus safety features that added to my comfort in the purchase. Kevin was also extremely helpful and informative in processing. His diligence gave us excellent same-day service and I left that day with my new vehicle - but get this part, this is where Earl is GREAT.
I was there with my father, who was co-signing with me as well, which is helpful but also added another person into the situation. Earl was great with myself (27) and my father (56) and we had a felt listened to and understood during the car-buying process. My car was being detailed before I could drive it off the lot, and given my previous accident my license plates were slightly dented and extremely dirty. My dad joked with my that my car would have dirty plates, as Earl was checking on our paperwork, and he only said it because that’s our relationship and I took the joke further when Earl returned by asking him if I could get the plates on before detailing so that they wouldn’t be dirty; my dads face was priceless, as he didn’t think I would’ve even thought to say anything. Earl, without missing a beat, exclaimed “I’ll DO IT” and I proceeded to explain this story and tell him it was totally fine. EARL WASHED MY PLATES BY HAND - the man is great.
Bottom-line is that if you are young, old, a new driver, an experienced driver; talk with Earl White and let him help you in the right direction!

Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review. We're glad that Earl made your purchase experience such a positive one. We appreciate your business!

 by Kelly
Sales and Finance

Visited the dealership on Monday 10/12/2020 and was introduced to Earl White (salesman). He did a amazing job of reviewing vehicles after he learned of my car priorities. He took the time to listen, search, show, and deliver my perfect vehicle. He made the process seamless and stress free. He is a master at his craft! I must also take this time to mention Kevin Cornell in finance. He did an amazing job as well, making the financial portion of the transaction just as seamless and stress free. These two gentlemen are a asset to Northtown Auto and their respective industry. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Thank you for choosing Northtown and for leaving us this great review. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!

 by Michael Willett
Service Department Issue

I brought my 2016 Prius (48,000 miles) to this dealer on 9/22/2020 for a recall issue. I also asked to have a trailer hitch which I had recently purchased attached to the car. That's all I wanted. I met service advisor Beverly Smith, who advised me that certain maintenance procedures were due at 45,000 miles, including coolant replacement, tune-up with spark plug replacement and an induction service. I was a little surprised, but I relied on Ms. Smith's representation that those items were due. So I authorized the work. She had me sign a work order that said that the work would be less than $850 and that I would be called if it was more. I was later called to pick up the car. The total was a little over $845, of which about $178 was the cost of installing the trailer hitch. I was suspicious and checked the service manual. I found out that Toyota recommends coolant replacement at 100,000 miles and spark plug replacement at 120,000 miles. In other words, the work that Ms. Smith said was due was nowhere near necessary. I paid over $650 for unnecessary work. I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and in response to that received a call from the service manager. He started to try to tell me that the "unique driving conditions in Buffalo" require more frequent maintenance. I must confess that I was a bit rude and short with him and said that I wanted to be refunded the money that I paid for the unnecessary work. He told me that they would refund nothing.

I checked out the ratings for this dealer on DealerRater. The ones for the service department were pretty bad. One was of particular interest. It was from a user named allan144, who brought his vehicle into this dealer on May 1, 2014. The review is dated May 10, 2014. It relates that he was told by the service person that his vehicle was due for a 75,000 mile check. She wrote the figure of $820 on the invoice as the worst case scenario. When he picked up his car, the amount of the invoice was $815.22. It included items that added $370.77 to the bill which, when he researched them in the manual, turned out not to be required or necessary. He complained and was contacted by "Beverly" at the dealership. She offered a refund of $200.

Perhaps the parallels between my experience and those of allan144 are just an amazing coincidence. Or perhaps this service department has been following the same unethical practices for more than six years. My recommendation for anyone who deals with this service department is to check your manual if an employee represents to you that certain maintenance is required at a mileage level that just happens to be close to the mileage on your car. Don't be fooled and pay for unnecessary work.

Northtown recommends maintenance based on New York driving conditions coupled with Toyota's recommendations. No repairs are ever performed without the customer's authorization. If you feel that either of these are incorrect, please feel free to contact our service manager at 716.836.4600.

 by Grace S.
new car sales

Just purchased a new GTI, what a seamless transaction, thanks to Joe Schwartz and Avanti. Awesome doing business with Northtown Volkswagen!! Also, I have to give a shout out to Eric Taft and Renzo Rivera. Your whole team was so great to work with. Love my new ride!! Thanks guys!!

Thank you so much for this nice review. We're happy to hear it went so well!

 by Anonymous

Caitlin DeRose was a great salesperson. She made the entire process very easy and I would recommend her to anyone looking at a new Toyota. Very happy with my new 2019 Rav4!

Thank you so much for this nice review. We appreciate your business!

 by John Roberts
Service and Sales

Hi, I just leased my 7th Camry and could not be any happier than when I leased my last 6.
When you come into this dealership, you sort of know that your worries are over. The sales staff, and New Car Mgr. Joe Rutkowski is by far the best, fairest person you would ever want to know and get you the deal of the century on a new car. The Finance Mgr. Derek Fogarty, is a man, no matter how much money you got in your pocket, he WILL get you financing to buy the car of your dreams.
The service dept. which is ran by Service Manager, Mike Klis, is by far one of the finest, articulate automotive leaders that I have ever met. He specializes in a Strong Team Concept he developed from Toyota, engineered especially for Northtown and most of all you.
When you drive into the service entrance, you are greeted with a warm smile and a special person, your own service writer to attend to all of your car needs. Automotive service centers have come along way, and Northtown is the leader in performance, total satisfaction, car washed a handshake, a hearty thanks for you business and out the door you go, back to your car knowing that it is going to be the same experience as it was when your drove off the lot the day you bought it.
if you want to experience the best of the best, visit Northtown service center, met the gang of professional, and see what it is like to have TOTAL confidence in leaving your car in the hands of professional.
I speak with a great deal of experience in the auto service business from working in a dealership many years ago, to working on a International Position with Rolls Royce, and finishing my career as a Instructor at the G.M. training center.
So, Good Luck to ALL who read my letter, the rest of my Automotive life is on F/B, please feel free, and be my guest and read a story on my experience in this automotive business.
Sincerely, John Roberts

Thank you so much for this review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us!

 by Tim B
What kind of operation are you running here?

Hello, my name is Tim B. I'm sure your service department knows me very well by now as i have brought my car there a total of 3 times since Apr 30th. Initially after having 2 separate mechanics view and diagnose the issue but not have the necessary knowledge or components to remedy the issue, I had no other option but to have my vehicle towed to your location for servicing and repair. Being that it is a volkswagen dealership with big proud signage I felt as though I was in good cand knowledgeable hands that would be able to surely get my vehicle back in good working order. After looking into my vehicle's broken timing chain and bent cylinders/ housing and providing me a quote which after the initial mechanics advised would be near or about accurate. I agreed to the necessary service and fee. A week later I am asvised that i can come and pick up my "repaired" vehicle. I pay my fee, kind of hurt but as an adult these things happen, fine. I take my vehicle, it's operating. Drive home and park for the night. The next day drive to work and as I pull into the lot my car stalls out and will not turn back on. I get a warning light regarding my engine oil pressure then it says engine off and the battery light comes on last. Of course I'm devastated. I call they give me a number to a tow company, they get it towed back. I come by later and pick up a loaner (thank you) and go about my way. This was maybe weds i get a call a cpl days later being advised that now it is an issue with my battery, it's dead and needs to be replaced. The reduce the price slightly and i figuee if it will have me in my car and able to resume my life then fine. I come back and pay the fee, another $100, whatever. I drive off the service lot for a second time drive for approx 2 miles and this same engine oil pressure light comes on in red, a critical error message. This after being told twice that my car was in optimal working order clearly it is not and i feel as though my fee has been paid monetarily and in time inconvenience and stress. Let alone the whole aspect that im not thinking about due to my I guess "good fortune" that my car didn't stall in traffic on the highway while I was driving with my family quite possibly causing an accident injury or death to my family or others on the road. I don't know what else to say besides as my car still sits in your lot not in optimal working condition I am very dissatisfied.

Thank you for the feedback. Good or bad, we take our customers’ feedback very seriously. It is our understanding that you have reached an understanding on this matter with our management team and that no further action is necessary.

 by Helene Kim Jennings
Greg A.

I am a repeat customer because of Greg A. He holds a tangible asset to Northtown. He is not pushy and will help you any way he can. He is well versed in automobile knowledge. He has been extremely kind to me and much appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences with Greg. We appreciate your continued business!

 by Matt Frieh
Excellent service!!

Stuart Cooper was an awesome salesmen and was very helpful! Honest and trustworthy. Would recommend to anyone!

Great! Thanks for taking the time to share!

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