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 by Eyton Robinson
Thank you.

Simply breathtaking, this experience that I had dealing with Nick and Blake at Northtown Mazda. Words can’t even express the gratitude and admiration I have for these two gentleman specifically helping me out, no exaggeration. I’m in awe, it was a honor and privilege working with people who sincerely and genuinely move mountains to make sure you’re happy and satisfied. I would like to say it was a honor and privilege to have met these two and crossed their paths. I’m thankful the universe had us meet in this time, in this space, and in this reality.

Thank you, sincerely.

Thank you so much Eyton. We appreciate your kind words and your business, and we hope you enjoy your new vehicle!

 by Stephanie
Poor Service on new vehicle

Buyers beware! Purchased a brand new CX-9 Signature series and immediately noticed the passenger seat didn't warm. Service advisor, Eric, handled our vehicle and after 10 days of being in the shop, he felt confident that the issue was resolved. Within 24 hours, the seat again wasn't heating. I called Eric to reschedule and he became defensive claiming "it read 100 degrees when it left here." He also asked if our weight was appropriate to "activate the heated seat." I was treated poorly and we were redirected to the Service Manager, Brian, who agreed when I dropped my car off that "there was a noticeable difference in my passenger heated seat compared to the other ones." After another week in the shop, Mazda now claims there is nothing they can do for us and "this is just how it is." Telling us, "You'll need to contact customer care." He admitted there was still a problem with our seat, but they're done trying. We also have an inoperable bluetooth that they're now refusing to look at and told us we will have to take our vehicle elsewhere. This car still has temp tags and Mazda service refuses to address our concerns or offer any further service. This is also there top of the line model and has had flaws since delivery. We also asked to speak to the general manager upon arrival and he was "not available" Very unfortunate as we had a pleasant experience purchasing our first Mazda 6 through them.

We'd like to discuss this with you and be given a chance to turn your experience into a positive one. Please send your contact information to so that a member of our management team can contact you.

 by Nick
Service experience

I am a pretty big northtown supporter and have reccomended many friends and family towards them. The service advisor who I dealt with was great and i have no complaints there. I brought my vehicle in because the keyfobs weren’t working and i thought they needed to be reprogrammed. What started from trying to diagnose the problem, led to ripping out wiring to an aftermarket sound system and auto dimming mirror i had installed way before i had any issues with my car and they threw it in a box. I brought my vehicle to them hoping they could fix the issue i was having but instead it left me quite disappointed. I worked at northtown lexus and i am pretty familiar on all the expectations northtown has on its employees. Heres a little feedback, before you start ripping things out that doesnt look like it came from the factory, get customer approval or ask them to come in instead of just doing it willy nilly and causing a major head ache for the customer. You may be able to get away with that with people who dont know jack about cars but for the people who do know about cars i take that as a problem. Ill be taking my vehicle elsewhere to get the problem fixed.

 by Theresa S

I love the service staff here, they're all super nice! However, just about every time I pick up my car from service I notice another dent and/or scratch on my car. 🙁

Hi Therese, We will look into this. Thank you for continuing to choose northtown mazda!

 by Deborah Lennox

Friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably fast service

 by Sharon Lechot

Welcoming staff, courteous and prompt service! Loved that they accommodated us with the convertible loaner! Thank you!

 by Sarah Ramsey

Excellent and quick!

 by Thomas Symons

Excellent service department.

 by Adam Wentz

Quick and delightful

 by Philip Fraterrigo

Quick, friendly service.

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